Camping House on Wheels With Innovative Unloading System


What we have here is an amazing project called Fieldsleeper. At first glance look like another house on wheels, but isn’t. It’s a different project, more sophisticated. The Tonke Fieldsleeper is the storage-space wonder. It has storage room for bikes, furniture and so on, even a scooter can be carried. It offers sleeping accommodation for three people. It has a large kitchen and shower, underneath the bed there is space for outdoor furniture and other equipment. The space above the bicycle garage is utilized as a clothing cupboard, accessible from the bed. When the living area is converted into a single bed, this Fieldsleeper offers sleeping accommodation for 3 people.



But innovation is the unloading system. The Tonke Fieldsleeper are simple to unload from the vehicle in just 10 minutes! You can see that in the video. “This enables you to use the vehicle without the unit when camping. You can also place your Tonke in the garden, to be used as exclusive guest accommodation, as an inspirational workplace or as a bed & breakfast annex. With the optional hydraulic lifting system fitted there is only a 4“ step from the ground when the unit is in the low position. Sturdy wheels can be fitted to enable the unit to be moved around on a firm surface. This means that the unit can be driven into a garage or into winter storage.” in according with the developer.






tonke camper 3hz

Tonke Campers unloading system here {video}

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