Casa El Tiemblo: A Wonderful Shipping Container Home


Looking forward to building your own building? Are you keen on a modular construction and a low budget? Then the following container home will prove a great inspiration. In the 128 sq meters of built area in Spain, 4 containers are put to good use. The creative approach has resulted in a modern and efficient home design: Casa El Tiemblo. The architect thought of providing every bit of comfort for the inhabitant. So the inside warms quickly during winter while in summer time there is plenty of shade to feel comfortable. Check out the building plans and what it looks like in a wonderful shipping container home from the following picture gallery.



Casa-El-Tiamblo-2 Casa-El-Tiamblo-3





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  1. Marcel says:

    awesome put nice near a river or in the wood and once you close it very save no one can’t brake in it

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