Casetify Launches Global Installations Made Out of Recycled Phone Cases

Electronics accessory brand Casetify has unveiled a series of public art installations in five cities around the globe, utilizing recycled phone cases as the primary material. This initiative is part of Casetify’s 2024 Earth Month campaign, “Journey to Re/Birth,” which invites local artists from the US, South Korea, China, Australia, and Thailand to create unique art and design pieces from discarded phone cases collected through the brand’s Re/Casetify upcycling program. These installations are a testament to Casetify’s commitment to sustainability, ensuring that old phone cases can find new life in creative and impactful ways. Notably, New York-based studio Wade and Leta transformed 12,000 recycled phone cases into a table and stools at Brooklyn’s Devoción Cafe, featuring a vibrant, textured finish created by mixing granulated plastic case pieces with water-based plaster.

In Seoul, artists Surin Kim, Dayoung Hwang, and Youngmin Kang presented large-scale outdoor installations at the Seoul Arts Center’s Music Square. Kim recreated a traditional Korean stone pagoda using raw cornstarch materials and recycled pellets, while Hwang’s sculpture, inspired by seashells, symbolized the connection between humanity and nature. Kang’s contribution was a striking four-meter-tall giant chair. In Bangkok, Casetify partnered with the Tlejourn Shoes Project and Trash Hero to turn old phone cases into 500 pairs of limited-edition sandals. Meanwhile, in Sydney, Australian studio Eva designed the Re/Treat Sofa, using recycled phone cases to create a dynamic, colorful structural base. These creative endeavors highlight the innovative possibilities of upcycling, showcasing how discarded phone cases can be transformed into functional and artistic creations. Through these efforts, Casetify has recycled over 84,000 kilograms of plastic since 2021, demonstrating the significant impact of its Re/Casetify program on reducing electronic waste.

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