Woman Publicly Exposes Her Cat as a Thief and Invites Neighbors To Reclaim Stolen Items

There is a burglar in Beaverton, Oregon, and it is one of the cutest burglars the Internet has ever seen. Her name is Esme, and she is the cat of Kate Felmet, who frequently wakes up to find all sorts of stolen objects on her front porch.
All these items are, of course, brought there by Esme as a gift to her human, and they are all stolen from their neighbors. Esme usually brings home gloves, face masks, and other small items that she can easily carry from the neighbors garden to her home.
Kate recently exposed her cat on social media and posted a video in which she invited the neighbors to go and reclaim their stolen items. Her front porch also featured a handmade sign stating that her cat is a thief and everyone was invited to take back their things.
The funniest element of the sign was a drawing of Esme carrying a glow in her mouth. The items were displayed on a clothesline, and gloves seem to be among Esme’s favorite items to snatch. Although almost all of Felmet’s neighbors have reclaimed their missing items, this did not stop Esme to attempt another heist the next days.

A woman in Oregon made a hilarious sign that outs her cat Esme as the neighborhood thief.

This cat attracts worldwide attention

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