Smart Cat Window: Should cats be kept strictly indoors?


Should cats be kept strictly indoors? As communities and cities debate the idea of having a “leash law” for cats, this subject comes up more and more. I find it easy to argue the point either way, although, I will tell you that I keep my cats strictly indoors. And, while I enjoy my neighbor’s outdoor cats as they sun themselves on my porch, another neighbor hates it when those same cats sleep in his flower beds. All I wish to do today is to present you with facts that might help you make a personal decision about what is best for you, your cat and your community…read more about this story

6 Responses to “Smart Cat Window: Should cats be kept strictly indoors?”

  1. Hamako says:

    I believe cats should be kept strictly indoors due to the disease they almost ALWAYS acquire. This disease effects pregnant women, as it can cause miscarriages and other birth defects.

    • Dingbat says:

      Sounds like your talking about Toxoplasmosis Gondii which is carried by mice, so your indoor since birth cat can still be infected if it encounters an infected mouse.

      I would be more concerned about the cats picking up FIV aka Feline AIDS.

    • Linda says:

      what a load of crap! Disease they almost ALWAYS carries??? pregnant women, birth defects? where are you coming from are you totally insane?

      • William says:

        Not a load of crap. Toxoplasmosis is very common among outdoor cats and can be dangerous to pregnant woman. My wife has always taken care of the litter boxes however as soon as we found out she was pregnant I took over that responsibility since that is usually how it is contracted. Strictly indoor cats however are very low risk of this. Ours venture outdoors occasionally so it was worth me taking over.

  2. RENN WHITNEY says:

    how do I get a kitty window?

  3. Rike says:

    Of course cats can get diseases outside like everyone thing that lives. But ppl go out or ppl go out to walk their dog because the have curtain needs and no toilets as a cat. but a cat is a hunter and has curtains needs aswell which cant effectively work indoors. Our cats have always been in and outside just like they were pleased. They are really happy and enjoy life fully.
    Of course one of them got a disease but thats life (1 of 4 cats).
    And i would be pissed if somebody keeps me locked inside just because of being afraid i might get infected or might have accidents.

    If you’re pregnant you have to be careful anyway with everything and actually if the cat once infected you with this curtain disease then you are immune. And living in an area with lot’s of factories or any other polluted envoirment can cause miscarriages aswell.
    A girl i know has no contact to cats at all and had already 2 miscarriages and because of what – smoking and drinking. it’s to every person himself and shouldnt be blamed on someone else specially if this one cant fight for their own rights.

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