Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Are Now Available Online

Good sewing patterns are not easy to find, but the Internet is a great resource when you are in search of something very specific. Now you can have access to a great online collection of vintage sewing patterns, some that are even 25 years old.

Crochet Owls Hats That Make you SQUEE!

Winter is almost here which means it’s time to prepare warm and cozy clothes for your children. Well, what about making them some? What other better time can there be for sitting inside and crocheting something that will keep your baby warm all winter?

Is this the best pan EVER? The 5-in-1 Breakfast pan has five sections designed to make cooking easier

This frying pan has been winning over the Internet and people are rushing to order it to prepare the ultimate breakfast. It is a multi-way frying pan, having plenty of space to allow for a 5-in-1 breakfast and even brunch preparations. The pan can be ordered from the link below and ...

Japanese Artist Crafts Miniature Antique Dollhouse Furniture by Hand

Miniature art requires a lot of patience and attention to detail, as handling small and fragile pieces can be nerve-wracking. This type of art has a long history in Japan and there are lots of beautiful tiny miniature pieces created by talented artists. Since anything can be downscaled ...

This man won a Guinness World Record for his tree that bears 10 types of fruit

Hussam Saraf from Australia broke an interesting record by owning a tree that bears 10 different types of fruit. Saraf lives in Shepparton, Australia where he works at a school as a multicultural officer and considers the peculiar

Artist Creates Amazing Animal Sculptures From Found Seashells at the Beach

  Collecting shells on the beach can be a nice relaxing activity, but for Anna Chan is a medium through which she expresses her artistic vision. She is a New York-based artist, who discovered her passion as a land art maker during the COVID-19 lockdown. Chan is a professional ...

How To Crochet A Reindeer

Introducing one of the cutest crochet decor items you will crochet this season! The Reindeer is fun, and playful making it a great gift or sellable item. Make a whole family and personalize each one according to an individual for an extra special twist that will bring even more holiday ...

A simple and sweet little way to create rock garden art!

A simple and sweet little way to create rock garden art! With a bit of creativity you can make some little garden features. What you need for this DIY-project is some paint and a brush. For more inspiration you can read a special book “Rock Painting Fun for Everyone!” by Lin Wellford.

Incredible Mosaics Made Entirely of Pebbles

Justin Bateman is a talented British artist, who uses the landscape as his artistic medium and builds the most impressive land art pieces. He makes the landscape art using stones and pebbles found on shores and the fascination with this type of art is its temporariness. Bateman has ...
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