Octopus Coffee Mug Holder

The statue has a realistic appearance, and unique and interesting shape, which adds interest to your home decoration. People with a sense of humor will always like this product on your desk.

Now You Can Own A Fluffy Mini Cow

Midnight Mini Cattle Company is a family owned small business in Springfield, Missouri. They are dedicated to producing high quality crossbred miniature cattle.

Crochet Turtle Coaster

A great coaster to use under mugs and cups and a colourful, cute addition to your tabletops and counters at home. COASTER SIZE: 10 cm (4 inches ) in diameter. This is available in the link below…

There’s Now Camping Crocs That Have Built-in Survival Tools On Them

Crocs may not spring to mind when you think of utilitarian outdoorwear, but the esoteric footwear label teams with experimental artist Nicole McLaughlin to reshape all the pre-conceived associations. At the core, it’s a regular clog, with a foam construction, ventilation holes and ...

The Mopet Is An Electric Bicycle That Holds Your Dog While You Ride

Your pets are just like your babies, and you want to take care of them and keep them as close to you as possible. This MoPet is a great invention, as it will let you easily transport your pet anywhere with you. It was specially designed for your dog, but you can take your cat on a ...

Giant Jansport Backpack

This ridiculously large and funny-looking bag can be a great gift idea for someone who likes to travel and appreciates a good prank. The bag was originally designed as a novelty bag for Jansport and used mostly as a gift in their giveaways, but eBay still has some listings available ...

Easy and delicious Pistachio Bread

This pistachio bread is a delicious treat for this Summer! Pistachios are such a great and healthy snack but combining them with something sweet can make it even better.

Girl Living Off Grid Built The Most Secret Underground Tunnel Shelter

Choosing the off-the-grid lifestyle is not always the easiest choice to make, as you have to give up on lots of perks of modern living. The COVID pandemic has shifted the focus a bit, and people started searching for simpler ways of life and reconnecting with their roots. This meant ...

This Sleeping Dinosaur Mug Might Be The Cutest Way To Sip Your Morning Coffee

Want to enjoy your morning coffee from the cutest cup ever? Then this sleeping dinosaur mug might be a perfect choice. A great coffee mug can help us feel more jolly and energized in the morning, and even the coffee will taste better from a unique cup.
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