Drink holder

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Couple paid $5,000 for this house

Keeping a home renovation on a budget is very hard, as a lot of unexpected costs might arise on the way. But since some people upcycle houses for a living, they can also share a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to keep your expenses low.

A handheld mini chainsaw

Traditional large chainsaws are bulky and difficult for the elderly and women to use.This mini chainsaw fits comfortably in the hand and is also light due to its small size. This makes it possible to cut for longer without wrist fatigue.

This Walking Sleeping Bag Onesie Lets You Walk Around While Wearing It

If you like wearing sweatpants all day, then you’ll love the wearable sleeping bag. With the ability to take a nap anywhere at anytime, the wearable sleeping bag is perfect for bums. It’s also great to wear while camping on chilly nights with its insulated core.

Man Buys Sea Turtles At Market And Releases Them

Saving the turtles is this next man’s favorite activity, and thank God that there are still people like him out there. Aaron Culling lives in Papua New Guinea, and he first spotted turtles at a local market while he was shopping there. The sea turtles were up for sale for $50, and ...

New Quantum Well Solar Cell Just Set a World Record For Efficiency

Solar power is one of the most efficient and clean energy sources and one that is a great front runner of alternative energy solutions. Recent studies have concluded that a new type of solar cell was able to achieve 39.5% efficiency provided under standard 1-sun global illumination ...

This Michigan-shaped lawn chair will pour you a glass of wine with the pull of a lever

Have you ever just wished for a nice glass of wine after a long day? If yes, then you’re going to love this comfy chair that will even pour you a glass of wine while sitting. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Sand and Seashell Candle Holders

Bring a touch of the beach to any room in your house with these sand and seashell glass candlesticks. We’ve repurposed these beautiful blue wineglasses to make these beach-themed candleholders. Each candleholder contains white beach sand and a handful of shells sealed within ...

American Flag Made From Baseball Bats

A lot of people have taken up new hobbies during the COVID pandemic, and one of the most popular ones was woodworking. This hobby already had a large community of enthusiasts attributed to it, and there are plenty of forums around the Internet where fellow woodworkers can interact.
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