Minimaliste’s Latest Tiny Home Gets a Size Upgrade For a More Luxurious Micro-Living Experience

Minimaliste’s latest addition to their Noyer line, the 2024 Noyer XL, represents a leap forward in the realm of luxurious micro-living. Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, this tiny home offers a blend of functionality and comfort. With its extended length of 38.5 feet and width of 10.5 feet, the Noyer XL surpasses its predecessors, offering a more spacious interior while requiring a permit for road towing. Clad in a sleek combination of horizontal cedar and vertical steel, the exterior exudes modernity and durability, resting on a sturdy triple-axle trailer. Upon entering, residents are greeted by a thoughtfully laid out living space, seamlessly integrating a cozy kitchen, complete with ample storage, a fridge/freezer, oven, and propane-powered stove, alongside a comfortable seating area and entertainment center.

The innovative design of the Noyer XL prioritizes storage, featuring underfloor compartments and functional shelving throughout the home. A separate hallway houses a washing machine and dryer, enhancing convenience for residents. The bathroom, albeit compact, offers all the essentials, including a flushing toilet, shower, and vanity sink unit. Sleeping arrangements cater to both downstairs and upstairs preferences, with the former boasting generous headroom and a spacious wardrobe, while the latter, accessible via a storage-integrated staircase, offers a loft-style retreat. Minimaliste’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to maximizing space ensure that the Noyer XL provides a luxurious micro-living experience without compromising on comfort or functionality.

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