The Denali XL Bunkhouse Is a Spacious Tiny Home That Can Easily Sleep Six People

The Denali XL Bunkhouse, a creation of Timbercraft Tiny Homes, emerges as a beacon of spaciousness and comfort in the realm of tiny living. Originally introduced as the Denali Tiny Home in 2017, its evolution into the Denali XL and now the Denali XL Bunkhouse marks a progression towards accommodating larger families and gatherings. Situated on a quad-axle trailer, this majestic abode spans an impressive 41.4 feet in length and 9.8 feet in width, offering an expansive interior that can comfortably house up to six individuals. Adorned with board-and-batten siding and crowned with a standing-seam metal roof, its exterior exudes a quintessential cottage charm, inviting occupants to immerse themselves in rustic tranquility. French doors grace both the living room and kitchen, seamlessly connecting the interior with the outdoors, while inside, the warmth of shiplap walls, wood floors, and tongue-and-groove ceilings envelop residents in cozy familiarity.

Stepping into the Denali XL Bunkhouse, one is greeted by a well-appointed kitchen that defies the constraints of tiny living. Complete with a breakfast bar for two, propane-powered four-burner stove, oven, dishwasher, custom cabinetry, and refrigerator/freezer, it stands as a testament to efficiency without sacrificing comfort. A spacious living room beckons with generous glazing, bathing the interior in natural light and fostering an atmosphere of openness. The hallway reveals a large pantry, ensuring ample storage space for provisions and essentials. The bathroom, replete with a full-size bathtub and shower, flushing toilet, and vanity sink, offers a sanctuary of relaxation and convenience. Adjacent lies a stacked washer and dryer, embodying the fusion of functionality and luxury. The master bedroom, conveniently located on the ground floor, boasts ample headroom and features a king-sized bed with integrated storage and a closet, promising restful nights cocooned in comfort. In essence, the Denali XL Bunkhouse transcends the confines of its diminutive stature, embodying the epitome of tiny living without compromise.


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