A new wind turbine design promises better offshore energy

The future of offshore wind energy might just look different thanks to a new technology developed by SeaTwirl. The company makes vertical wind turbines, and they can be installed in places that were hard to reach by previous models of turbines.

Revolutionizing energy with perovskite solar cells

Photovoltaic cells are the most traditional ones used in generating energy from solar power, but they are also expensive to install. They also make use of rare resources, so might not be sustainable for a long period.

Rainwater Harvesting. What do you think about this idea?

It’s a strange new world of supermarket shortages, self-isolation and lockdown. Many of the things we took for granted have been thrown into disarray. But amid this bewildering loss of normality, seeds still germinate, leaves unfurl, flowers blossom, fruit grows.

He has his own garden…

He has his own garden… I’ve never seen anything like this before!! I stopped two lanes of traffic to help this guy cross the road and of course to take this picture. From Jim Cahalan

Feed Ducks Frozen Peas, Not Bread, Wildlife Organization Urges

Contrary to popular belief, ducks should not be fed bread as it can be dangerous for their health. There are lots of images in popular culture that show kids and parents, taking a stroll in the park and feed ducks together. In almost all cases, the food they are throwing them are ...


This adorable highland cow gnome will make the perfect addition to your home decor! Measures approx 6 inches tall 4 inches wide and 5 inches deep. A great addition to a baby nursery, coffee table or table top center piece. These are just so cute and would make an adorable addition ...

Photographer Accidentally Captures Brilliant Optical Illusion of “Three-Headed Deer” Roaming in Forest

This amazing shot was created by photographer Renatas Jakaitis and it is a surreal image of a deer with three heads. The shot seems to capture a 3 headed deer in the woods, but it is not at all manipulated in Photoshop, just an optical illusion.

This is the gift your hunting buddies need too!

Going camping has its ups and downs, and one of the most unpleasant aspects is not having a proper bathroom for your needs. Since eliminating the body’s toxins should be a daily activity, there is no point in skipping “toilet time” just because you do not have a proper setup.

5 Years Living Off Grid Building A Sustainable Smallholding

It has been about 5 years now That i have lived and worked on my off grid small holding. In this video i give a tour of my house, workshop, power system, garden, greenhouse and some tools i have made. I have documented all these projects in detail on my main channel so please check ...
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