A new wind turbine design promises better offshore energy

The future of offshore wind energy might just look different thanks to a new technology developed by SeaTwirl. The company makes vertical wind turbines, and they can be installed in places that were hard to reach by previous models of turbines.

With SeaTwirl, wind energy could be harvested even in the harshest sea conditions, as they have a more durable structure. They can even face hurricanes, which makes them the future of offshore wind energy. The tower on SeaTwirl’s turbines is connected to a sub-sea structure and starts rotating in windy weather then transforming the harvested resource into energy.
Thanks to the modular structure of the wind turbine and its underwater parts, the entire structure can rotate in the blow of the wind without getting damaged on the open sea. These high-tech turbines can be installed in deep water as well as they can be anchored efficiently thanks to the in-built mooring lines.

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