Chamfer Home: An original, eco friendly, modern home that people can actually afford


The meaning of independent has reached an awesome new level. Designed by S-Archetype, Chamfer Home provides you with the space and comfort you need, whilst offering a stylish and ecologically sustainable design. If you’ve been looking for a small self-sufficient house, be prepared to end the search: this one is simply amazing. The truly unique thing about this innovative approach of making homes is that it can be extended up to 27 square meters. The cleverly planned design of the rooms as well as the whole structure will give efficient heating as well as cooling. Besides being multifunctional, the Chamfer Home is also a portable architectural structure! Browse through the pictures to see for yourself. You’ll definitely be amazed!



chamfer-home-off-grid-4 more details here…

3 Responses to “Chamfer Home: An original, eco friendly, modern home that people can actually afford”

  1. Art Moak says:

    Great! Affordable home. Great features. Bunch of pretty pics. No mention of price. WTF?

  2. Steven Eaton says:

    Does the beachfront property and day come with it? I was just trying to figure out how appealing it would be parked next to the broken down Dodge in the driveway.

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