How to Make a Charcoal Water Filter

Making a DIY charcoal water filter is a simple and effective way to purify water at home. To create your own charcoal water filter, you’ll need a few basic materials:
a clean plastic or metal container, a drill with a bit, a fine gravel or small stones, sand, activated charcoal (which can be obtained from crushed charcoal briquettes or activated charcoal powder), a coffee filter or cloth, and a rubber band.

Start by drilling several small holes in the bottom of the container to allow water to pass through. Place a layer of fine gravel or small stones at the bottom of the container, followed by a layer of sand. Next, add a layer of activated charcoal on top of the sand. Repeat this layering process until the container is almost full, leaving some space at the top.
Make sure to use enough activated charcoal, as it plays a key role in absorbing impurities and odours from the water. Finally, cover the top of the filter with a coffee filter or cloth and secure it with a rubber band to prevent the filtered water from picking up any debris.
Once your DIY charcoal water filter is assembled, it’s ready to use. Pour the water you want to purify into the top of the filter and let it pass through the layers of gravel, sand, and activated charcoal.
The filter will trap impurities and contaminants, leaving you with cleaner and safer drinking water.

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