Charming Log Cabin In The Mountains

There are so many beautiful log cabins out there, it is hard to choose one favorite. This stunning cabin is located on the banks of the Crystal River in Colorado, surrounded by a lush forest and dreamy sceneries.
The exact location is somewhere between Redstone and Marble and is the perfect getaway for a family and any adventurers who want to explore the outdoors of Colorado. One of the top features of this rustic log cabin is its private access to fishing in the Gold Medal waters, so this can make for a perfect weekend activity.
The cabin is comprised of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, so there is plenty of space for a larger group of friends to stay there for an entire week and the interior design is just as charming as the exterior. Combining modern design with more traditional elements, the interior is warm and welcoming and harmonizes perfectly with the colors of the outdoors.
The interior space also features a fireplace and an open floorplan, which is very characteristic of this type of house. Just as the listing advertises it, this log cabin is the perfect “Home Away from Home” while on holiday.

This very nice cabin is available for rent – see here.

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