Charming Wohnwagon Mobile Caravan


Most caravans are not really giving you the freedom their manufacturers or sellers promise? Well, this Austrian caravan name Wohnwagon (literally Living Wagon) does that! It is completely off-grid, making it the perfect partner in your getaway from urban pressure, taking into account that you have a vehicle to tow it to the desired location. Taking no more room than your usual parking space, the Wohnwagon has a round, larch-clad shell, made from local sourced materials. The Austrian manufactured mobile home has a charm surpassed only by the fact it is eco-friendly. Not only that, but due to its green roof (with solar panels), sheep wool insulation, rainwater collector, solar water heater and composting toilet, it is also energy-efficient! If all these weren’t great news, the caravan has a retractable patio and awning, which gives you the possibility to make an outdoor living room in minutes. Not to mention the minimalist superb interior design, making the caravan more comfortable and cozy than any apartment. Take a virtual tour via the photos included and make sure your next adventure will be with the Wohnwagon!









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  1. Sean K says:

    So beautiful and so awesome!

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