Chicken Coop Equipped With Underfloor Heating


Raising chickens is no rocket science, but if you care a lot about the outcome (eggs, meat) you can apply some science to the entire business. That’s what Architecture Research Office (ARO) from New York did exactly. According to their research, well-bred chickens need all the comfort they can get. Their efforts go to such extent that a proper coop should be fitted with under-floor heating. The metal-clad bunker you can see in the images can house a total of 8 wooden nesting boxes. The chicken-coop has end walls made from cedar wood and curving side walls from clad with aluminum shingles. Some elements are purely decorative, like the folded-up shingles – made so because of the shadows the fold cast throughout the day, always changing. All of the details were thought of and improved. For instance, a narrow opening at the top of the end walls provides ventilation so no drafts will disturb the hens, or there is a concrete foundation underneath the fenced coop so predators (like foxes) can’t dig in. Take a closer look at how a modern chicken-coop should be!






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  1. Airdy says:

    Interesting story- TERRIBLE writing!

  2. Enid Agosti says:

    great article! thanks!

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