Chocolate Caramel Turtle Flan Recipe


If you like desserts, but baking is not one of your strongest points, you can always look for easy recipes. Easy desserts don’t require a lot of baking skills and time to be ready and everyone can prepare them. This amazing and very taste chocolate and caramel turtle flan is the easiest dessert ever. To make the flan you will have to bake it in a larger pan that has to be placed in warm water. This warm water below the pan will give a moist and soft texture to the flan and the sweet caramel on top of it will turn this simple dessert into a masterpiece. To learn more about how to bake the flan and the ingredients you’ll need, visit the link below. You can of course decorate the flan with any type of crème you like, but the chocolate and caramel combo is simply a killer one.



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Get this delicious recipe in the link below…

Chocolate Caramel Turtle Flan Recipe by Girl Who Ate Everything

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