Chocolate Cupcakes With a Surprise Strawberry Center


Here’s a delicious desert for the weekend inspired by the LittleMomonthePrairie : chocolate cupcakes with a surprise strawberry center. They are very easy to be made, you don’t need to have any special cooking skills, and they are ready in 20 minutes.
You need: one package of chocolate flavored cake mix, one package of cleaned and washed strawberries, one package of chocolate pudding and if you want you can add fresh mint leaves at the end.
Start preparing the cupcakes as it is said on the package. When they are cooled, use a knife and cut down a hole in the center of the cupcake, make this hole in such a way that your strawberries can fit into. Now prepare the pudding, by following the instructions on the package. Put the strawberry into your cupcake, be sure that the pointy side of the strawberry is on the bottom. Now take the piece of the cupcake which you’ve cut out and push down the strawberry within it. Put the pudding on the top of the cupcake, pour as much as you like. We also added some mint leaves on the top of the cupcake, so if you like them you can do the same. As an idea of how to present these sweets, you can cut them in half and place them on plates. They will look nice and will surely taste good.

7 Responses to “Chocolate Cupcakes With a Surprise Strawberry Center”

  1. Johnnie says:

    why not just cook it with the strawberry already inside? ie put the strawberry in the center and push it down into the batter before cooking it?

  2. Angela says:

    Why pudding? Can you just put frosting on top? Thank you!

  3. Pris says:

    Lovely Idea! must be delicious! I`ll make some for Christmas.

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