Circuit Board Coffee Table


Technology is something that moves and excites you? You’ve been piling up those PC components over the years? Luckily for you, we can show you this impressive DIY coffee table project. Using black walnut and computer boards, the designer behind this modern and tech look managed to come up with a functional coffee table while keeping the environment a bit healthier (recycling or as shown in this case repurposing PC components is always a better option than throwing them away). Actually, this project involves 2 coffee tables that form a bigger piece. The first, smaller one, will be the base on which you stick all of the computer main boards. The other piece of table is much larger and is a frame of wood with glass in between. Check out the final result we arrived at and feel free to try making one yourself!



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  1. Patrik says:

    A dual socket 8 (Pentium Pro) server/workstation motherboard and a Pentium Overdrive capable 486 board (blue socket)? jeez.. those two alone are worth more than the ugly table they’re part of now..
    And there are probably more rare and sought-after vintage parts in it that I can’t make out from the tiny images..

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