Clever Little Hummingbird Builds A Home With A Roof

If you take a closer look at bird’s nests, you’ll observe their intricacy and craftsmanship required to build them.
Conservationists have long observed hummingbird nests, and this next one is very special as it even has a tiny roof. Bianca Caroline Soares observed a branch near her home in Paraguay and found a tiny hummingbird building a nest there for her soon to be born babies.
She told that the creativity of the nest had captured her attention, as she is used to seeing hummingbird nests, but none of these had a small roof before.
Soares kept on observing her new neighbor and soon learned that there was a small family of 3 living there with 2 newborns. It is such a beautiful example of motherly love and how nature can live in harmony with humans if habitats are protected.


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