Closest Living Relative to the Dodo Bird Dazzles with Vibrant Iridescent Plumage

The long-extinct dodo bird still has relatives left out there in the world, and the Nicobar pigeon might be the closest one. Even though it does not resemble a dodo, the Nicobar shares common genes with the ancient bird.
The most obvious difference is its feather coloring, as the Nicobar has iridescent blue feathers combined with colors of copper and green. This coloring was a natural evolution for the Nicobar pigeon, as living isolated on islands, it did not have to face predators so there was no need to blend with its surroundings. They can be preponderantly found in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea, and unfortunately, it is a species that will soon become endangered due to mass deforestation and their loss of habitat.
Conservationists are leading the efforts of saving this bird with an iconic ancestor and trying to prevent it from having the same fate as the dodo. Take a look at the pictures showcased with the amazing Nicobar pigeon and let its feathers enchant you.

Photo credit: Allen Chang

Photo credit: Larry Lim

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