Artist Uses Silhouetted Shapes to Turn Colorful Clouds Into Beautiful Scenes

You’ve surely chilled outdoors on warm summer days and watched clouds passing by, imagining all the things they remind you of only to be brought back to reality once they changed shape.
Lân Nguyen (aka 19.XCV), is a photographer who took his love for clouds to new heights, creating beautifully surreal art. He transforms the night sky with playful digital edits and projects black silhouettes on pictures of clouds to incorporate them into everyday objects. The colorful clouds displayed in his works, transport the viewer into a magical land, and have a very dreamy feel.
Nguyen transforms the clouds into vibrant flowers, strawberries, and even a large carrot and uses Photoshop to create his works of art. The twinkling and sparkling stars on the background of each image are placed there to create a more impactful picture.
If you too think that Nguyen’s art is truly amazing, you can follow his ever-growing portfolio on Instagram.

Lân Nguyen: WebsiteInstagram 

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