Colored Domes Designed for Communal Living on the Hormuz Island

The Persian Gulf is home to a very special place called Hormuz Island, which hosts a series of colorful houses designed by ZAV Architects.
Their project is called Presence in Hormuz and features dome-like candy-colored structures that have been built on the principles of the SuperAdobe process (earthbag architecture), a technique invented by the Iranian architect, Nader Khalili.
This process implies the stacking of wet earth coils and a specialized team that can implement it.

The design of the project was inspired by the natural surroundings of Hormuz Island and its wild beaches, and the sand from the sandbags is also local. Most of the domes serve as permanent homes with dining space, laundry, and prayer areas, but some are also intended for tourists who want to explore the area while living together with the locals.
The project is still in the making and you can follow its development through ZAV’s Instagram page, but until then let the amazing renderings provided by the company speak for themselves.

ZAV Architects: Website  – Instagram

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