Colored Solar Powered Walkway


Are you searching for better and useful methods to decorate your yard? This can be your lucky day, as we present the next awesome piece of decoration. Blending technology with simple building materials, some creative people have come up with a clever idea to light up your yard or garden, while still making a beautiful path to take walks on. This is a walkway for your yard that not only impresses with its colors but also with its technology. The solar powered walkway you can see is a perfect DIY project that you could make in a week-end’s time. Before reading the instructions featured in the tutorial, be sure you have the items written in the list of required materials. Also, the DIY project is quite simple, but as people suggested improvements from the original, the colored solar powered walkway has suffered some updates, so make sure you check those out as well. Good luck on your work!

Step 1: The Walkway

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