How to Make a Colorful Pompom Rug


A pompom rug is easy to make and is cuddly and colorful. This step-by-step guide will show you how to do it. It isn’t always easy to choose the perfect rug to complete a special corner of the house. When is the right size, maybe the color does not fit, and vice versa. Therefore, the model made of wool pompoms is a proposal to those who want a custom piece, beautiful and simple to create. “Just have some skill at craftsmanship,” says Eliane Palmieri, coordinator of creation and courses of Paramount Textiles, Sao Paulo. Another factor is to have some free hours: this screen 95 cm in diameter was covered with 564 balls, each of which takes at least two minutes to get ready. The outcome of such dedication pays off, as you will have a nice carpet with a unique design. Authors of this projects give you all directions of what tools and supplies you need to use. Just follow them and start making your Pompom Rug right now. A full tutorial of Pompom Rug in Portuguese.




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  1. Rug - Rugs - Persian Rugs says:

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  2. Electrine says:

    This is wonderful!i would like to try it am from Kenya the problem is cant get the material that is the base and the clip,can you please tell me alternative that can easily get in Africa.thank you.

    • Someone Else says:

      Electrine : for the pom pom, you don’t need a clip. This [] is how I do it. [just wrap around your fingers]

      The underneath is just so you have something to attach it to. use any material you want.

    • Anna says:

      Wir haben früher in der Schule Schablonen (wie Donuts) aus fester Pappe genommen (für diesen Teppich 1000 Stück) . 2 Stück aufeinander legen und die Wolle wickeln als Unterlage würde sich bestimmt ein Jutesack eignen . Viel Spass und viele helfende Hände beim Schablonen schneiden.

    • Kathleen Anderson says:

      Hello, I have seen pom poms made using a fork instead of fingers too.

      Also I get all my yarn supplies from and they send to me in NZ, so I’m sure would send to you in Africa. They do a cute little pompom maker by Clover if you do want a gadget to help. Hope this helps….have fun!

  3. Neej says:

    I love the look of this, and especially like the chair cover idea! One question though: why is there a fish at the door?!

  4. MrsBeechy says:

    How do you wash and clean it? Is it okay to wash in the washing machine?

  5. Julie says:

    Hi there,
    Could you please let me know how you call the fabric you use in the picture above to attach the pom-poms as it is exactly what I need but have no idea where to prefer it from as don’t even know how it’s called.

    Many thanks

  6. Amanda says:

    Do you think you could machine wash this if you used acrylic yarns?

  7. michelle says:

    Hi, does anyone actually know what that plastic clip is called or where I can get one please?
    Its alot easier than cutting millions of cardboard circles lol.
    Thanks in advance x

    • Arlene says:

      You only need one set of cardboard circles, Once you make the pompom you reuse the circles. If you want a smaller pompom, just trim the pompom after you make it 🙂

  8. Siddhi Khandeparkar Dessai says:

    Hi… wat kind of base is used??? Wat alternative I can use for the same

  9. m-abb says:

    very nice, thanks
    you can see this website about rugs and persian rugs and how too design your rooms.

  10. rugsottawa says:

    Of course, you can not handle the discontinued ceramic barn rugs
    to his 2 kids, Charles and also Owen.

  11. ashley says:

    Lmao thats what i said too

  12. Becky says:

    Can you vacuum the rug and can you machine wash depending on the backing without the yard coming undone.

  13. Joyce says:

    Hi from where i have to purchase the base of the carpet to hang the pompom on? Any website u suggest to buy online.

  14. Kholoud says:

    Please i need to know how to clean it ?

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