This Colorful Rosy Maple Moth Is an Eye-Catching Garden Visitor

Moths are not usually the most beautiful creatures and encounter with them in the night can be unpleasant. But this colorful rosy maple moth will put these dusty insects into a new light and present their beauty.
This moth species is called Dryocampa Rubicunda and it leaves a lovely first impression. It is native to the eastern regions of North America and has vibrant pink and yellow colors.
The maple moth was named after its favorite diet, which is maple leaves but the peculiar thing about them is that they stop eating once they reach adulthood. Maple moths are solitary insects and they are active only in the evening and spend the rest of the day resting and looking pretty.
So, in case you plan on visiting regions of North America, keep an eye out for this cute little insect and maybe you’ll manage to capture some photos of it in the daylight. Its stunning colors will surely look great on your social media feed.

Don’t you think they look similar?

They are highly solitary, as they end up flying solo most of their lives.

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