Colorful Rugs by Sonya Winner: A Vibrant Sculptural Piece of Floor

Nominated for the Homes & Gardens Awards 2012, Sonia Winner creates exceptional rugs that are graphic, vibrant and highly original. “The Kaleidoscope, caused a sensation when it first went on sale at The Aram Store in 2006, and was promptly shortlisted for an Elle Decoration award.” Now she has come up with a new collection ‘After Matisse‘ inspired by Matisse’s paper cut-outs, and it is certain that look great and original. Her design process involves layering colours and textures by hand to create something truly unique, that her many fans consider to be as much works of art as rugs and wall hangings. The quality of her pieces ensures that they will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Description by Sonya Winner “Inspired by Matisse’s cut I have designed the ‘After Matisse rug’ with the intention of creating vibrancy and light into an environment. By juxtapositioning carefully selected shades, shapes and tuft heights the opaque fibres of pure New Zealand wool combine to give the effect of transparency, luminosity and light in a unique way.”


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