Comfy Hammock Swing Chair


Have you ever wanted a really cool piece of furniture that will make everyone envious? If yes, then we have the perfect choice for you Georg Bechter Architecture and Design. The highly stylish piece is both a chair and a hammock and will look great in large space, as it requires a bit of space. The piece is so great as it can switched from a chair to a hammock, by simply pushing the top of it down to the ground. The structure of this design-furniture is made out of wood strong enough to sustain the weight of the owner. The material used to create a seating is also one of the finests as it was previously tested in order to be extra-resistant. You can also place this piece in your garden or backyard as it will offer you precious moments, while relaxing under the sun. You can find more information about the size to the chair/hammock on the company’s website and more pictures as well.

Haengematten-Woorock-1 Haengematten-Woorock-2

Haengematten-Woorock-3 Haengematten-Woorock-4

2 Responses to “Comfy Hammock Swing Chair”

  1. Randy Roskop says:

    I read your blog, it’s awesome. Even i too started my own

  2. Gloria says:

    Can’t they make a smaller one for small spaces?

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