Community Helps Raise Over $100k for Beloved Austin Taquería That Helps Feed Those in Need

In the heart of East Austin, Texas, Nixta Taquería, owned by Edgar Rico and Sara Mardanbigi, has become a beacon of hope for the community, addressing the issue of food deserts through their participation in the Austin Free Fridge Program. The husband-and-wife duo tirelessly restocked an industrial fridge up to 20 times a day with fresh meals and groceries, extending their support to the vulnerable members of their community. Their generosity did not go unnoticed, and the community reciprocated in a time of need. Facing a challenging situation in August 2023 when the majority of their building had its power disconnected, Rico and Mardanbigi turned to social media to share their struggles. The community, grateful for the taquería’s contributions, rallied together and raised over $100,000 through a GoFundMe campaign to help the owners weather the storm. The success of the fundraiser showcased the resilience of Nixta Taquería and demonstrated the power of community support in overcoming adversities.

While the process of rebuilding the taquería continues, the owners express gratitude for the overwhelming support received during their time of crisis. The community’s generosity allowed them to keep their pantry stocked with non-perishables and paved the way for the restaurant’s eventual reopening. After three months of navigating bureaucratic hurdles, the city accepted the couple’s plan review, signaling a positive turn in their journey toward full recovery. As they embark on the next steps, including the reopening of their Free Fridge and the commencement of construction, the community eagerly anticipates the return of Nixta Taquería, celebrating the resilience of a business that has not only fed the community but also united it in times of need.

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