Cool And Creative Bed Covers


Searching for a cute idea to decorate your bedroom? Maybe it won’t be such an impact for the overall interior design, but this next piece will surely attract some `Aww!` moments. The piece features a girl and a boy in the bed, under the covers. It is colorful and has a brightening effect on the look of the bed. Making such a piece isn’t difficult but you must have the template for it to begin with. After a few hours of work (not at the same time though), the quilt cover will be finished. It is just adorable! Find out in the following links more creative ideas for colorful and cute quilts.


#2 Creative-Bed-Covers-1

#3 Astronaut Duvet Cover For Your Little Space Explorer

Creative-Bed-Covers-2 more details here…


#4 Minnie & Mickey Mouse

Creative-Bed-Covers-3 more details here…

#5 Grumpy Cat Duvet

Creative-Bed-Covers-4 more details here…

#6 Creative-Bed-Covers-5

#7 Pepperoni Pizza Queen Duvet Cover With Red Pepper And Parmesan

Creative-Bed-Covers-7 more details here…

3 Responses to “Cool And Creative Bed Covers”

  1. Vicki Pettet says:

    Where do I find the pattern and template for the man and woman quilt pictured on Pinterest

    • Becky Losh-North says:

      I am also looking to buy the pattern for girl and guy in bed quilt. Please advise where to purchase this.

  2. Jessica Stone says:

    It is great to find a cute cover to change into once in a while. So that our bed looks new and cute and maybe more inviting since we love the cute cover! Not that I will ever be tired of my bed, I love my bed, but making it cuter is a must! I am loving the pizza cover. The love my life in one! Any idea where to get them? I hope it’s an online store, though. I don’t feel like doing a bedding shop, too much trouble! I prefer online shopping for my bedding now. Thank you for the cute idea!

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