Cool Baby Nursery Design Ideas


A baby in the home doesn’t just entail waking up constantly over the night or toys lying around the whole house. It also means design, interior design, and lots of it, if you truly want a nurturing environment for the little ones. Here are some design ideas for a cool baby nursery. Pick the one that suits best for the entire design of your residence. Of course, you will want the room to be cute and baby-friendly. You can opt for a brightly colored room, the one which mostly all of us grew up in (blue for boys, pink for girls). Or try a bit of modern custom design, by fashioning little clouds or a tree template with birds and animals to glue on the walls. Choose a neutral colored room, with an almost minimalistic décor: a crib, a closet, and a toy-box. Or replace all of those and install a multi-functional bed, which incorporates a changing table, some shelves and storage unit for the toys, being a stylish central piece of the room at the same time. Combine white background with colorful accents, on the walls or on the floor. Whatever you wish, you can feature it in some way in the design. Be inspired by the projects featured here and come up with your own!







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