Cool Bedroom Ideas for Girls


If your residence houses children then you should take serious steps to give them an entire space for developing, not only a room for sleeping or playing.  A space like the one suggested includes much attention to detail and to the personality of the future-adult. Choose a unique style for the room. Be inspired by these room ideas for girls and try to make your own combination of design, decoration, and furniture. Give the eclectic style a try and blend art projects in a stylish décor. With vivid framed artwork and gallery-style displays, this design type impresses with miss-matching diversity and nice touches, like pendant ceiling light, to the walls. Opt for the glam in your girl and mix some vibrant colors on the walls and decoration. Put a zebra print rug alongside an interesting bird cage lamp. Matching everything isn’t quite child recommended so play with floral patterns, fuzzy blankets, and silver pouf to give the room a nice friendly feeling. Not satisfied with these examples. There is always the fresh fruit design that children are crazy about. Colorful and dynamic, this ambient is one in which your kid can be creative and enjoy their time. With fruit shaped pillows or animal-furniture, curtains and artwork featuring plants or fruit, this style always brings light and a smile on faces. Take a long look at the ideas featured here and create your own style of a room for girls!















  • Mom Virgi on said:

    I love your colorful ideas. Color is a very important factor in a girl’s room. I always try to choose some neutral background and add colorful details, like a great lamp I found in or some pillows and little pictures I bought in a flea market.
    Rugs are also a great thing to add to a room and it makes it cozy and gives the room some texture.
    Love your ideas! thanks!

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