Cool Cot Dog House


Summer and heat can give us humans a lot of hard times. But just think about your pets with those big fur coats on them and how unpleasant this season really is for them. So to keep your pet protected and away from the sun, some amazing people created the Cool Cot Dog House. This small dog house or tent is designed to keep your dog safe and cool. The inside of the tent offers a shady place for your little friend, the perfect hiding spot on a hot summer day. The dog house was designed for both the inside and the outside, as it was made using waterproof canvas and vents of top. The bottom is also covered, so your dong won’t feel cold when it’s raining outside. You can easily pack the Cool Cot Dog House and take it with whenever you go on a trip as it comes with a special travel bag. The dog house’s dimensions are: 25 x 19 x 23..



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