Cool Porch Swing Bed


Outdoor decorations can be as unique as every person on Earth. Imagination and creativity is what one needs in order to achieve a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture or planter to improve the garden to the extent of everybody’s awe. For start, make yourself comfortable with a porch swing bed.
Use it as a cozy place to sip the morning cup of coffee. Snuggle with a great book in those lazy afternoons. With wonderful locust accents and oversize arm rests, this solid wood swing bed can be made to any dimension (twin, full, king, queen sizes). The 8″ thick cotton futon mattress can be your own warm cocoon, or it can fit several people comfortably if you like hanging closely to your loved ones. Pillows are not included although. Four bolts and rope supports make your lounging rustic experience swingier. For more security, it is advised you seek the assistance of a contractor. Shipping only to the United States, in a large variety of colors, the porch swing bed can be beautifully complemented with a half log bench.
The unique built cedar benches give a great rustic look to your patio or terrace. With tough legs made out of locust logs, the 52″x19″x19″ bench can be a perfect place to have a quick chat or grab a bite. Complete the whole mountain scenery with a rustic locust planter or herb planter. Made from reclaimed wood, these movable 20″x118″x17″ and 10″x36″x14″ planters are suited for your natural feel of your porch.  Swing Bed Prices:  >> here <<

Watch the video to see more variety and detail! 

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  1. Jody T says:

    That is cool!. I got a Texas Star porch swing at I put it in storage for the winter and love it during the summer.

  2. Tejas says:

    Lolzz…..swing….there is no space between wall n swing…..poor architect hinkingg…..

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