Hanging Sloth Planter

For my sloth plant hanger I used Katia Washi super bulky yarn but instead of the recommended hook size 8-9 mm (US L-11) I used crochet hook size 6 (US hook J-10) for a sturdier effect. This is available HERE… Love this!

Cow Planter

Isn’t he adorable?? A Cow Planter, to decorate your home, ideal to build yourself with your Scroll Saw or laser cutter. Special for decoration of gardens, patio or the interior of the home, with a unique design. Ideal for building with MDF wood. The plan is available in the ...

Glass Insulator Planter

Insulators can be used for a lot of arts and crafts projects, but they are most perfect as planters. These types of insulators were used mainly for telephone and telegraph wires and became most popular as a design object in the 1960s.

These Self-Watering Dinosaur Planters Are So Cute

If you’re bored of watching the slow and steady mass-extinction of your houseplants, it’s about time you got your hands on one of our Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters. What an awesome invention! Easy To Use! If you are in a constant rush and always struggling to ...

Cool Porch Swing Bed

Outdoor decorations can be as unique as every person on Earth. Imagination and creativity is what one needs in order to achieve a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture or planter to improve the garden to the extent of everybody’s awe. For start, make yourself comfortable with a porch ...
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