These Self-Watering Dinosaur Planters Are So Cute

If you’re bored of watching the slow and steady mass-extinction of your houseplants, it’s about time you got your hands on one of our Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters.

What an awesome invention! Easy To Use! If you are in a constant rush and always struggling to find time to keep your house in order and take care of your plants, then these cute little animal planters might be of great help. With them you won’t have to feel bad for neglecting your plants and can make sure that they stay alive even in the busiest times. You can buy these practical planters from HERE and they come in four designs: frog, panda, cat and dog. These are available in the link below…

  • Sick of your houseplants going extinct?
  • Each diminutive dino sips just the right amount of water drinks water
  • No over or under-watering!
  • Grow your own wild strawberry, sweet basil or four-leaf clover
  • Made of ceramic so you can keep ’em as little pals after the plant has grown

Find Self-Watering Dinosaur Planters HERE…


Find it HERE…

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