This Tiny Self-Watering Planter Lets You Easily Grow Microgreens With No Soil or Effort

The Patella Crescenda revolutionizes home gardening with its innovative and compact self-watering planter designed for effortless microgreen cultivation. Its diminutive size, small enough to cradle in your palms, belies its potential to make growing greens a seamless and swift process. The planter’s distinctive shape facilitates self-watering, eliminating the need for manual watering and soil, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With just four simple components – a base tray, two reusable steel seed plates, and a water bulb – the Patella Crescenda assembles effortlessly. The water bulb, when filled and placed inverted into the base, utilizes an air vacuum to dispense water gradually, nurturing the seeds into flourishing microgreens in just a week.

The intuitive design of the Patella Crescenda makes it a joy to use, offering a reusable solution for a continuous supply of microgreens for salads, canapes, and smoothies. The steel seed plates, featuring six grill cuts each, simultaneously accommodate various seeds, allowing for a diverse and vibrant mix of microgreens in a single dish. The absence of soil simplifies the harvesting process, as the sprouts can be cut with scissors or pinched off directly from the steel plates without the need for cleaning or rinsing. Beyond its functional benefits, the transparent water bulb enhances the planter’s aesthetic appeal, providing an intuitive visual indicator of water levels. The Patella Crescenda streamlines the art of growing microgreens into three easy steps – adding water, seeds, and harvesting – delivering a fresh burst of color, minerals, and antioxidants to your culinary creations efficiently and visually pleasingly.

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