Corten Steel & Glass Cabins Make Up a Wonderful Wellness Resort in Latvia

Open AD, a Latvian architecture studio, has masterfully designed the Ziedlejas Spa and Wellness resort in Sigulda, Latvia, blending the robust elegance of Corten steel and the transparency of glass cabins to create a captivating retreat. Nestled on a sloping site with picturesque views of a tranquil pond, the resort aims to reimagine the local sauna culture with a modern and contemporary touch. Comprising two independent steam rooms and three cabins, the Glass Sauna, located at the base of the slope, harmoniously integrates with the landscape, providing a unique sauna experience with pond views. Meanwhile, the Smoke Room, built using charred logs and inspired by traditional sauna structures, offers a wooded retreat nearby.

The Corten steel and glass cabins, strategically placed at the top of the sloping site, serve as minimalistic and clutter-free accommodations. With foldaway beds, rising tables, and an additional sleeping section on the mezzanine floor, the cabins embody a subtle and welcoming atmosphere. The glazed sections of the cabins provide direct access to the surrounding landscape, allowing guests to enjoy the breathtaking views. The bathrooms, discreetly placed within the Corten-clad sections, ensure privacy. Connecting the various structures with pathways and stone steps, the resort creates a cohesive and interconnected space, facilitating a short journey from the sauna room to the pond. Open AD emphasizes the versatility of its design, accommodating guests throughout the year, seamlessly blending with the changing seasons from snowy winters to golden autumns, lush green summers, and the serene grey moments in between.

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