Couple build tiny cabin from SCRAP for just £1,000 so they can save for a deposit


Here’s a story about an inspiring couple from Britain and the house they built from recycled materials, in less than a year, investing just £1,000. Christian Montez ( 29 ) and Kyra Powell ( 28 ) could not afford to buy a house, so they found a way to build one in just nine months and on a budget. For their , which has a width of 2.6 m and 3.8 m height ( 16ft by 8ft and standing 12ft tall) they needed official approval because this type of construction is not framed by authorities as permanent residence. To create a window upstairs, the couple used an old washing machine door and this decoration is their favorite idea that they managed to include in the design. Having architectural studies, the pair started with an advantage in building their own wooden house which is now resides on the 60 acres property of Kyra ‘s parents in Hereford, Herefordshire. Now the couple wants to reveal their project to other people, who happen to be in a similar situation to theirs in order to inspire everyone who is looking to build their own tiny home.








3 Responses to “Couple build tiny cabin from SCRAP for just £1,000 so they can save for a deposit”

  1. Sue says:

    That chip board plywood is full of arsenic fyi

  2. P Spee says:

    Save for deposit for what? Cute.

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