Couple Builds Amazing Miniature Modern House

The downsides of this ongoing pandemic are obvious to everyone, and sometimes seeing the bright side can be very hard. But for a lot of people, this period was about reinventing themselves or reconnecting with past hobbies.
Anni Kampfe and Cliff Donnelly are a married couple from Leewood, Kansas and they have kept themselves busy in lockdown with building dollhouses. They have made the most amazing piece, called Mini Modern House and it was inspired by both of their childhood homes.
They have been professionally involved in interior design projects and thought that creating something at this scale would be a nice challenge for them.
The inspiration came from a needlepoint rug from which the couple created the dollhouse rug and the creative ideas just spiraled from there.
The couple started working in 2017 on the Mini Modern House and managed to finish it two and a half years later, in the period of the COVID lockdown.
The house is comprised of 10 rooms, all with a unique eclectic style and mid-century charm and if you want to learn more about it you can visit the couple’s Instagram page.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Amazing? Yes.
    Modern? Not unless you consider 70’s paneling and wallpaper modern.

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