Couple Converted Former DHL Van Into Tiny Home on Wheels

Charlie Low and Dale Comley, a UK couple with a shared love for climbing, a passion for DIY projects, and an interest in van life, embarked on a transformative journey when they decided to turn a former DHL van into a tiny home on wheels. The couple, with backgrounds in physics and engineering, had initially planned to convert a van while working full-time, taking a year off to travel. However, living on a steep street in Bristol without a garage or workshop presented challenges. Undeterred, they dedicated every spare weekend to driving to Charlie’s mom’s place, where they worked on the van, returning home when the day’s work was done.

Starting their project in February 2019 and completing it in March 2020, the couple faced an unexpected delay due to the pandemic, moving into the van in April 2021. The meticulously converted van features a sleeping area at one end and a kitchenette at the other, all powered by an off-grid electrical system fueled by solar panels and a battery-to-battery charger. The bathroom setup includes a discreet composting toilet and an outdoor shower with a tankless water heater.

Inspired by their journey, Charlie and Dale wrote a van conversion guidebook, sharing their knowledge and experience to assist others venturing into the world of van life. Charlie and Dale’s story not only showcases their determination and craftsmanship in transforming a DHL van into a cozy home but also reflects the growing trend of individuals seeking alternative lifestyles, embracing the freedom and mobility that come with life on the road.

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