Couple Converts 40-Foot School Bus into Gorgeous Home for Working and Travel

Josh and Emily Scherrer, a married couple in their late 20s, decided to break free from the constraints of traditional living and embrace a more adventurous lifestyle. Both working as engineers, the couple transitioned to remote work in 2020, providing them with the flexibility to explore new possibilities. United by their love for travel and a shared desire to indulge in it more, they purchased a school bus in January 2021. Opting for a school bus over conventional mobile homes due to cost-effectiveness and spaciousness, the couple spent 18 months transforming it into their dream home on wheels, affectionately named “Aurora the Adventure Bus.” Their skoolie boasts maple wood ceilings, a shower, a full-service kitchen, solar panels, and satellite internet, with the entire conversion costing $80,000.

While the Scherrers acknowledge that the “skoolie life” isn’t as economical as they initially anticipated, the freedom it offers has made it a worthwhile venture. Operating on a budget that includes monthly expenses like diesel, insurance, satellite internet, and septic tank maintenance, they’ve explored the southwestern US extensively. The couple utilizes public lands for parking, avoiding costly campgrounds. Despite the challenges, the experiences gained by traveling to places like Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado have been incredibly rewarding. Moreover, their unique home on wheels has become a key part of their future plans, providing them with the perfect mobile living space until they’re ready to settle down on a piece of land in Idaho that they’ve managed to include in their budget. The skoolie has not only become a symbol of their adventurous spirit but also a strategic investment for a future where travel and home intertwine seamlessly.

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