Couple Spent $30,000 to Turn a School Bus Into a Tiny Home

Tanya Nestoruk, 31, and Arya Touserkani, 38, embarked on an extraordinary journey of downsizing from a conventional four-bedroom house in Canada to transforming a school bus into a luxurious tiny home. Driven by a desire for simplicity, adventure, and environmental consciousness, the couple opted for a mobile lifestyle that allowed them the freedom to explore new places with minimal impact. Nestoruk, an environmental educator, and Touserkani, a photographer, found themselves immersed in the challenge of repurposing the retired school bus they acquired for $7,200 from a school bus contractor. Their meticulous renovation process involved recycling materials, DIY construction, and resourcefulness, all while adhering to a tight timeline in preparation for their escape from the Canadian winter to Baja California, Mexico.

Over one year and an investment of roughly $30,000, Nestoruk and Touserkani turned the school bus into a fully functional home, complete with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and clever storage solutions. The inclusion of skylights not only illuminated the space but also enabled Touserkani to stand comfortably inside the bus. Equipped with solar panels for off-grid living, the couple incorporated practical features such as a rooftop deck for their motorcycles, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and independence. While acknowledging the perpetual nature of renovation in their unconventional home, Nestoruk and Touserkani cherish the unique energy and connections fostered by their school bus lifestyle, aspiring to inspire others towards environmentally friendly living as they plan their next chapter on Vancouver Island.

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