This Couple Transformed a Foreclosure Property Into Their Dream Home

The #weepingwillowhome, once a foreclosure property, underwent a remarkable transformation into a stunning residence thanks to the dedication and vision of Deb and Dan Foglia. In May 2018, the couple embarked on the ambitious project of purchasing and renovating the property, investing time, effort, and creativity to breathe new life into the home. Collaborating with a local architect, the Foglais embarked on a meticulous renovation journey that turned the neglected house into a showcase of thoughtful design and aesthetic appeal.

During the extensive renovation process, the Foglias demonstrated their commitment by temporarily residing in a camper for six months. This period of unconventional living underscored their hands-on approach to the project, allowing them to closely oversee the renovation and ensure that every detail aligned with their vision for the #weepingwillowhome. Their dedication paid off, and in December 2019, after months of hard work and strategic planning, Deb and Dan Foglia were finally able to move into their transformed residence—a testament to their perseverance and the realization of a dream to turn a distressed property into a beautiful and welcoming home. What do you think, was the wait worth it?


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