Couple Turn a Bus Into Their New Home

couple-turn-bus into-a-new-home

Even though the world was hit by a financial crisis, prices of homes haven’t dropped to a level in which people can afford it without a considerable effort. This fact pushes some of us to finding creative solutions. When you are put in front of a situation in which you will sleep right under the sky, you tend to resort to all kind of DIY projects. The one you see in the photos involved transforming a regular unused double decker bus into a livable dwelling. The 2-bedroom home required 4 months of building and fitting. The interior design is everything you’ll find in a usual house. All comfort and technology available in a modern apartment can be at your grasp, with bar, TV lounge, fridge, toilet and bathroom included. Check out how the owners managed to think creative and turn an unused bus into a nice looking home.

couple-turn-bus into-a-new-home-1

couple-turn-bus into-a-new-home-2

9 Responses to “Couple Turn a Bus Into Their New Home”

  1. Dolphin Puncher-Baby Seal Beater says:

    I bet he donkey-punches his wife nightly…….

  2. Sandy says:

    yeah we saw lots of people who used old school buss for campers . some put two greyhound busses together & made a home out of them . yep gotta do what ya gotta do. don’t worry bout what other people think their not paying your bills. and its alot less expencive to live in

  3. Sandy says:

    One on our road used an old semi refer trailor cut holes in for windows, & doors put a bath room in it & made their own house trailor out of it.

  4. Eddie yonks says:

    What an assinine pointless comment.

  5. Arturo says:

    This is a very nice Idea. Love it.

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