Couple Turns £1 Grain Silo From eBay Into a Beautiful Industrial Tiny House

Bob and Ann stumbled upon a hidden gem on eBay one lazy Sunday afternoon – a grain silo listed for an astonishingly low £1! Seizing the opportunity to turn an industrial relic into a liveable castle, the couple embarked on a transformative journey. Bob, armed with over two decades of artistic experience, breathed new life into the weathered structure, sculpting it into a jaw-dropping tiny house nestled in their backyard. The exterior exudes an industrial charm, clad in corrugated metal that gives the house a rugged yet inviting appearance. The absence of hard edges and corners adds a gentle and open feel to the circular space, creating a welcoming masterpiece.

Inside the grain silo, the space is ingeniously converted using heavy rusted materials that are carefully polished, infusing character into every nook and cranny. A lounger, round table, fireplace, cooking nook, and a compact bathroom contribute to the house’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. The mezzanine sleeping loft steals the spotlight, providing a cozy haven with built-in storage, accessible by a pull-down ladder. The bathroom, compact yet modern, showcases steel elements, maintaining the industrial vibe. The use of wood and metal throughout the interior creates an elemental and natural ambiance, harmonizing functionality with artistic design.

This grain silo tiny house, a testament to the couple’s artistic vision and resourcefulness, caught the attention of Living Big in A Tiny House, showcasing its innovative features to a wider audience. Priced at approximately £4,000 ($5,000), this industrial-inspired dwelling is not just a home but a captivating work of art, blending history, creativity, and modern living in a truly unique way.

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