Couple’s Dream House Is Tiny And Perfect. Oh, And Only $22,000

After breaking free from the relentless pursuit of the American Dream, Andrew and Gabriella Morrison embarked on a transformative journey to redefine their lives. In a bold move, the couple abandoned their conventional home, shedding 90% of their possessions in the process, and dedicated five months to crafting a blueprint for a simpler, clutter-free existence. The result was the creation of “hOMe,” a modest 207-square-foot house that stands in stark contrast to the sprawling McMansions typical of the American suburban landscape. For the Morrisons, the tiny dwelling encapsulates everything essential for their happiness, challenging societal norms and embracing a minimalist lifestyle that prioritizes purpose over excess.

The concept of the tiny house movement resonated deeply with Gabriella, who expressed her enthusiasm on their website, stating, “When I first read about the tiny house movement a few years ago, I lit up because reflected before me was a way of life that I had been longing for – uncluttered, environmentally safe, affordable. Conscious living.” Currently residing in their diminutive haven, the Morrisons proudly declare themselves off-grid and debt-free. By liberating themselves from the burdens of excessive space and financial obligations, they now utilize the savings to travel and relish quality time together as a family, proving that a fulfilling life can indeed be found in the simplicity of a tiny, well-designed abode.

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