Cozy Bike Camper: The Little Tag Along


Do you plan to tour the countryside in the months to come but aren’t quite sure about the transport methods to do it in an eco-friendly manner? The rather strange-looking small camper you notice in the images is actually an awesome way of travelling you could adopt in your next several-days trip outside the city. The Little Tag Along is more precisely a tiny camper designed to be pulled by a bicycle. The one featured here is a vintage 3-speed Raleigh bike, but it can be any model. The entire built was made by designer Kevin Cyr from the US. Besides the storage facilities (like a hanging small cabinet), the camper is fitted with a lamp, a thermos, a vintage portable TV, a fold-down small table in the door and even enough space to open a comfortable bed. This environmentally-friendly camper will offer you the quiet and comfort you might need on your weekend trips. Just make sure you plan a flat route, otherwise you’ll pull a decent amount of weight!



camper-bike-1 © kevincyr

camper-bike-2 © kevincyr

camper-bike-3 © kevincyr

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42 Responses to “Cozy Bike Camper: The Little Tag Along”

  1. Stells Bells says:

    What’s “environmentally friendly” about dumping (literally) untreated sewage? Or is hipster shit pure?

    • Jared says:

      Why would anybody be dumping sewage!?!?! your an idiot

    • Shanaro Quack says:

      Are you fucking stupid? Animals shit in the woods all the time, it provides a nessisary fertilizer that bacteria decomposes to leave behind nurtrients that are good for soil. It’s environmentally detrimental to horde our poop in large containers of water.

      • Eva says:

        human waste is more toxic than animal waste, just look at what we eat. It’s full of hormones, herbacides, pesticides, and preservatives, medication, to name a few ingredients. People are also more concentrated in agiven area than animals in nature. Look how toxic large animal farms are. You can smell them from miles around.

        • Gio says:

          In theory, you may be partially correct, if the “human” in this case, eats nothing more than TV dinners and fast food.
          If you take into account modern animal feed, a cow, pig or chicken nowadays, does not produce any “healthier” poop, than a human does.
          Even if you had 100 campers taking a dump in a forest, the ground has enough bacteria and enzymes, to break down any toxins, heavy metals and other unnatural elements you may find in human waste, without cause any noticeable damage to that particular ecosystem

      • Mr Positive says:

        Don’t bring your crappy ways to New Zealand. All camping vans/trailers should be self contained. We have had enough of people using our beautiful countryside as a toilet. Out in the wilds tramping is one thing but fifty feet from a walking spot or picnic site and the stench is disgusting. We even had backpackers pitching tents in quake damaged homes and shitting in the lounge. Give NZ a break and use the facilities or a shovel away from popular places. Thanks.

    • Judith Bosch says:

      Apparently you have never camped in the wilderness – you take a shovel with you and then dig a hole and then cover the excrement – it’s a simple process – of course camping shovels are ones that are small – oh well, no need to explain – you could use a garden spade for that matter. Use common sense for pete sake. Apparently no knowledge of even outhouses or compost toilets.

      • Gio says:

        Ha! Yes, it seems that people who have no common sense or knowledge of basic outdoor “skills” (which, taking a dump in the woods shouldnt be considered a ‘skill’… but you know how this goes nowadays!), leave comments to make us aware of the potential environmental destruction my feces would cause to the Serengeti, the Canadian forests, or the Amazon forests!

        Today’s youth, need to live through a massive world catastrophic events, to wake up from their constant mental hibernation!

      • Charles says:

        Deuteronomy 23:12-13 NAS

        Thou shalt have a place also outside the camp whither thou shalt go forth abroad. 13 And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee.

        “Dig a hole and cover your poop!” – God

    • George says:

      If you’re at all familiar with RV living you’ll know that there are dumping stations for waste of the human variety..

  2. Petrina says:

    Nifty ingenious idea!

  3. Marcel van den Berg says:

    This is awesome, i want one!

  4. Rob Emley says:

    Would it be an issue pulling one of these behind a Can Am Spyder? It’s a 990 cc motorcycle, and not sure if this camper is meant to travel at speeds of 40+ miles an hour. Thoughts?

    • Jon A. Gibson says:

      You all’s best bet would be a Casita or Burro travel trailer.

    • Judith Bosch says:

      I would think that at 40 it could handle it – maybe a person could actually get wider tires if a person was going to use a small motorcycle – but the whole concept it very interesting and something that could really be used.

    • Gio says:

      Looking at the axle and wheels, your Spyder will make it take flight in no time! LOL
      But you can find very small camper trailers for the Spyder. Im thinking of getting one for my truck. Nothing big. Maybe a few feet longer than this one

  5. Steve says:

    Plan a flat and non-windy route. After touring the Pacific Coast Highway and Florida Keys multiple times by Bike Friday pulling a roughly 70 pound trailer (containing tent/sleeping gear/clothes/etc) I believe that this rig would be torture on anything but a flat ride with no wind. Strong side winds could tip it or push you off the road. Headwinds will push you backward. I could see it if the sides folded down to cut the height in half. Then, as the article states – the weight will be brutal to pull up hills. What does it weigh unloaded? Now at at lease 25 pounds of equipment/clothes/etc.

  6. Trina says:

    where can I buy 1?

  7. Annie Koppi says:

    how much for the cycle homes please

  8. JJ says:

    way cool!

  9. Terry Mitchell says:

    It doesn’t mention the Weight? Wild Guess..

  10. Terry Mitchell says:

    What about on a Highway, Ride the Shoulder? Do you need a License Plate? Dirt Roads? LOL!

  11. Summer Wolf says:

    Reminds me of a Teardrop Trailer. I could c an electric bike used 4 this. I like the idea; & I no some01 that rides his bike daily that would love this 2. Where would I get 01 & how much??

  12. Judee says:

    Just another contraption for motorists to be on the lookout for, while driving in their cars on already over crowded roads that were designed to accommodate cars and trucks. NOT little bicycles pulling tiny huts behind them. It looks like fun tell someone gets hurt!!

    • Judith Bosch says:

      there are many roads that get one from place to place without using the freeways – just look on a map and by the way, you get to actually see scenery. I know – I have travelled from where I live now – NM to ND many times – over 1400 miles and don’t have to travel the freeways – so a person wouldn’t have to be in the freeway traffic.

  13. Darius says:

    I would put some batteries under the floor and electric motors on the wheels with some solar panels on the roof. 🙂

  14. Eva says:

    Darius, brilliant.
    I still would prefer my 2lb tent, thank you very much.

  15. Judith Bosch says:

    Apparently there are some who have never camped out in the wilderness/parks, etc. with no bathrooms. A person uses a shovel and digs a hole and then does the so called #2 and then covers it. Otherwise a piddle here and there makes no difference whatsoever. That is the way one does when camping in the wilderness.

  16. Judith Bosch says:

    I think instead of a bicycle I would rather use a scooter of sorts – I would think it would make the trip easier and more fun with that.

    • Judith Bosch says:

      Actually with a scooter my husband and I could each have one and have our own bedrooms, etc. that would be neat.

  17. Loreta M Rowe says:

    They look great would like to buy one what is the Prices of the two.

  18. Den says:

    Wondering how far you can move in one day with this attached to your bike

  19. Sunny says:

    HA,, you guys are funny. Any avid camper knows how to despose of waste when camping,,the beach would be different. In the woods you dig a 6inch deep hole to cover it.
    At camping stores there are cheap ways to purchase waste materials for disposal.
    That little trailer is a good idea, what fun.

  20. Barry says:

    Man this thread sure went to shit.

  21. Tranton Jobus says:

    This would be cool to take camping. We camp at state and national parks, so no bathroom isn’t a problem. We usually use the camp ground facilities for our waste transactions and showers. It’s a cool idea.

  22. Leslie Kendall says:

    It’s allowed to put human waste in any dumpster. Consider the poopy diapers that go into the home trash bins every day.

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