Cozy Colorado Treehouse


Stop a moment and take a look at this amazing tree house. Similar to any children’s tree house, the architectural marvel from Vail, Colorado will impress you with the beautiful interior design. Placed on a 90 foot tree, and supported by a couple of pine trunks, the wooden house welcomes visitors and inhabitants into an open living area, where a couch, desk and warm carpets make the transition from an ordinary structure into a true home. Fully equipped with electricity (and electric heating), the interior is also host to a hot plate and a roomy cabinet.


With a cozy stash of books on a couple of shelves, you won’t want to leave it for an entire rainy day. For the times when the Sun caresses you with warmth, you have a cozy terrace where a nice wood table and chairs were placed, carefully lighted by a lamp installed in the tree. The spiral staircase will only act as an invitation to explore this beautiful tree house for adults. Have your own visit with the help of the photos provided.





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    what about the WC

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